In our latest report, leaders in the marketing C-suite and major publishers share their candid views on the current risks associated with programmatic ad fraud. QueryClick surveyed over 150 Heads of Marketing for UK brands with a revenue of £100 million + and brought both publishers and brands together at an independent roundtable, in order to uncover their concerns and challenges.


Anonymised comments from industry leaders coupled with a survey, delivered incensored opinion, revealing the key challenges marketers face today. These raw, provocative and controversial views reveal the current advertising landscape, and make the QC Programmatic Ad Fraud Transparency Report 2017 an interesting read.



  • Ad fraud is predicted to cost brands at least $16.4 billion globally in 2017,  but what is the true scale of the issue?

  • How many adverts are actually being viewed by humans rather than bots?

  • Are conflicts of interest with top advertising and media agencies contributing to a lack of transparency around the cost of programmatic ads?

  • Are brand’s advertisements at risks of appearing next to offensive content like terror related activities?

  • Should independent trade bodies have more power to monitor and penalise those knowingly committing ad fraud?

  • How many brands in the UK are considering reducing their programmatic ad fraud spend due to the risks?


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